Surprise in March

The beginning of March, here in Chicago still feels like the dead of winter.  Except here is this crazy plant of mine greeting me on this rather  bleak Sunday morning with a beautiful curious blossom.  This plant has a story worth to tell.  About a year ago I was visiting a dear friend in Lafayette, LA.  It was the beginning of Fall which is a glorious time to be in the south.  His garden was lush with all types of exotic plants in full bloom.  As I continue to express how much pleasure I have spending time in his garden, he rips a plant (I still don’t know what it is) out of the ground and wraps it into a wet tissue paper and carefully places it into a plastic bag.  The plastic bag lands in a side pocket of my suitcase.  Probably a week after my return home, I remember the plant and it looks pretty dead.  I am torn wether I should just toss it or put it in some water.   I choose the later, and the roots are growing furiously.  A few months later, I am potting the plant.  A bit of a weird looking thing with just 4 green leaves sticking out.  The leaves have been replicating ever since, and now I have 8 leaves and to trump it off as of this morning alas a flower.  Enjoy the image!







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