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Nudes at Fusion Art

Check out my digitally  imaged art nudes that were accepted in the Fusion Art Quarterly Group  Exhibition. It will be up until October 14th
I do love the Rodin quote they use:
“Man’s naked form belongs to no particular moment in history; it is eternal, and can be looked upon with joy by the people of all ages.”~Auguste Rodin

Beauties of Age

I am very excited to share that I am getting ready to have the first showing of my “Beauties of Age” project.  This has been a work in progress for almost 2 years, during which I made friends and spend time with the Beauties, as I love to call my new friends.  It has been a great journey getting to know these ladies while photographing them, listening and documenting their life stories, going out for dinner or to the movies, playing pool, making trips to the thrift store, hanging out at the lake… the list goes on and so does the project.  I plan to expand on this collection so stay tuned!  But now, join us for the opening reception and a panel discussion a few weeks thereafter. Here is the Press Release with more details.

Christa with Peacock Feathers and Stuff!

A couple of weeks ago my photographer friend Thom asks whether I want to shoot a model with a peacock outfit. Well, it goes without saying that is an opportunity not to miss. Little did I know I was about to learn the intricacies of lacing up a corset … with all my might, I may add. Christa, a very creative model and designer of the outfit, somehow managed to get through the photo shoot without passing out. The peacock outfit was fun to shoot but it gets better. Amongst the many items that quickly filled up my studio, was a bag with nothing but old junky cords, wires, connectors even an old Polaroid camera that takes a floppy disk. It’s going down a techie’s memory lane.  Did I mention the spiked heels to boot? The ingredients for a fun shoot arrived. Here are a couple of teasers.

Christa_webJpegs_04 Christa_webJpegs_32

Silver Series

Christmas is right around the corner and  you are still looking for that special gift.  Check out the Silver Series, it is not too late to arrive just in time to find a place under  your tree.

Silver Series couples archetypal black and white nude photographs with selected poetry in modern design. It presents a series of elegant images; a depiction of the human body that comes from a traditional approach yet conveys a sense of movement that lends it a contemporary feeling.
The unique narrative structure of the Silver Series provides an opportunity to relax and escape reality in this time of unsettling economic and political news. The poems are spiritual and uplifting, touching on topics of human concerns ranging from motherhood and singular existence to relationships and freedom.
The book addresses two audiences in one, the visual connoisseur and the literarily inclined. The poetry adds ideas that connect the reader to the book. Words capture a sentiment beyond the image, they inspire and create a dialogue and make the reader want to return for more.

At the Columns with Alexis

As promised here are more excerpts of  beautiful model Alexis Crystal Coates, showing off her sultry side next to some stately columns.  She is a particular fun model to work with, as her many-faceted artist self knows how to present a new and different persona whenever she steps in front of the camera.  Needless to say,  we are already planning on a new shoot … stay tuned.

A big shout-out goes to  our ‘Zen’ assistant Bob Long, who has about all of the best qualities one could wish for: punctual, patient, unassuming and pleasant … I could go on.
Best Of_webjpeg_10Comp


At the Beach with Alexis

With the last days of summer upon us, beautiful model and multi-talented artist Alexis Crystal Coates, assistant extraordinaire Bob Long and I decide to head out to the beach for a photoshoot. The three of us had a marvelous time, capturing Alexis’ free spirit, accentuated by her wild tousled hair and the feeling of the water and sandy beach.  Alexis even fished a butterfly out of the water.

Thank you Alexis and Bob.  Much kudos to Bob, who knew just what to do with a reflector and is quite the talented photographer himself.

Her are a couple of teasers, keep your eyes peeled there are more images of the wonderful Alexis Crystal Coates to come.






Joel Hall’s Production – “Anja: The Unexpected”

I had the pleasure to accompany my friend, photographer Jennifer Girard, to Joel Hall’s dress rehearsal for his new production “Anja: The Unexpected”.  It was an exceptional collaboration of Chicago Jazz artists and Joel Hall Dance Company.  The graceful emotional moves of the dancers,  combined with live music, enveloped in spectacular lighting in front of a mystical backdrop energized the stage and was a feast for all the senses.

Make a point to support this extraordinary and all so Chicago event, there are only four shows scheduled, August 7, 8, 14, & 15 at 7:30 PM at the Reva & David Logan Center for the Arts.

Below are a few images from the dress rehearsal and here is more from the actual show on the last day.



Robin’s Jazz Benefit

It was a music Extravaganza at Lonie Walker’s Underground Wonder Bar in Chicago last Sunday . If you were not there you missed some of Chicago’s finest musicians.  They all showed up to support their artist friend Robin Kay Lisnow, who is fighting cancer, with what they know best: pouring their heart and soul into making some bad ass music!

Take a look at this Community of Musicians and Friends!  

Performers include: Pam Bradley, Paul Coscino, Chris Edwards, Luiz Ewerling, Pat Fleming, David Floodstrand, Steve Hashimoto, Lynne Jordan, Brother John Kattke, Val Leventhal, Mike Levin, Mary Lukas, Rudy Membiela, Suzanne Petri, Linda Solotaire, Rick Vitek and more!Robin_BW web jpegs_122 Robin_BW web jpegs_047 Robin_BW web jpegs_134 Robin_BW web jpegs_010


Rebecca F. and The Memes at Shubas

Recently at Shubas, I was working as live show photographer for the band Rebecca F. & The Memes.  It is not often that I do music gigs, but I love the experience, especially when the band is composed of such a remarkable group of musicians, with an impressive repertoire of songs, ranging from country sound to modern rock.

Rebecca Frances Scotti  just released her EP The Kitchen’ and opened up the evening, dressed in the same retro housewife outfit she sported on ‘The Kitchen’ cover image.  I give her much kudos for that, it was definitely a photographer’s delight. The evening brought many more exquisite images into my view, all accentuated by the visceral affects of the colored stage lighting. I observed inherent beauty radiating from the performers, as they were deeply absorbed into their music, engaged with their instruments and yet still catering to the crowd. One of the visual highlights occurred at the end of the show, when the violin player, Collin McGeehan stepped off the stage and threw himself onto the floor playing the violin while spinning on his back.

It was a special honor for me to document this event, as Rebecca F., is a long time friend of mine, who worked with me on an earlier project, The Silver Series.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, collaborating with other creatives is one of the most rewarding aspects of artistic endeavors, as Rebecca F. & The Memes demonstrated that January night, at Shubas in Chicago.







Afternoon with Heidi

What a fun afternoon in the studio with my friend Heidi.  She arrives like a Pro, numerous outfits in her typical non-trendy unique fashion style, with hat boxes, accessories and the works for a photo shoot. Only by the time my model departs and I offer to help load the car, I realize she used the Chicago mass transport system. A bit surprised I ask how she managed to carry everything.  Heidi raises her arms while holding all her bags and says with a smile: “With my arms.”  … Wow, you gotta love her!

There was a creative flow between model and photographer that I treasure when it happens. Cues were exchanged, understood and expanded in a spontaneous natural progression. I just love working with a true sense of collaboration. Here are a few of the images:








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