Signs of Recession

“We’ve Moved”

“We’ve Moved” – N. Western Ave., Chicago

These images were first published by the Chicago 6 Corner collective blog. — Interested in the story ‘Signage of the Times’? — Click on this image!

“Wheels of Chicago”

“Wheels of Chicago” – N. Western Ave., Chicago

“Your Job is Your Credit”

“Your Job is Your Credit” – N. Western Ave., Chicago

“We’re Moving”

“But This Isn’t Goodbye” – Chicago Ave., Evanston

“Store for Rent”

Dempster Ave., Evanston

“Ghost Mall”

Dempster Ave., Skokie

“Available …”

Dempster Ave., Skokie

“For Lease”

Dempster Ave., Skokie

“Everything Must Go!”

Dempster Ave., Niles

“More Prices Cut”

Dempster Ave., Niles

“Stripped Mall”

Dempster Ave., Niles

The Color of (No Money)

“The Color of (No) Money” – Dempster Ave., Skokie

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