Route 66 Photography Trip

Beginning, this year my photography mentor and long time friend Jenny and I decided to go on a photography road trip on Route 66 and along the Mississippi River.  As we are both Capricorns, taking this trip in January seemed to be very agreeable.  For the most part the weather was favorable which was important, given that we were driving in Jenny’s trusted Insight, a small sporty two seated hybrid car named Lightning.

As it turns out, for two photographers, the timing of our trip could not have been better.   The people we encountered along the way, were starved for some attention.  So here we were, with our cameras ready to go and no other tourists in sight for months.  We received the royal treatment from everybody we met:  a couple remodeling the old Boots Motel, the owner of an enormous beautiful Victorian mansion, the antique and gift store owners, the Route 66 cookie shop clerk … and more.  They invited us into their places and shared their stories and presented us with gifts – an experience beyond our expectations.

Beginning of Route 66
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