Rebecca F. and The Memes at Shubas

Recently at Shubas, I was working as live show photographer for the band Rebecca F. & The Memes.  It is not often that I do music gigs, but I love the experience, especially when the band is composed of such a remarkable group of musicians, with an impressive repertoire of songs, ranging from country sound to modern rock.

Rebecca Frances Scotti  just released her EP The Kitchen’ and opened up the evening, dressed in the same retro housewife outfit she sported on ‘The Kitchen’ cover image.  I give her much kudos for that, it was definitely a photographer’s delight. The evening brought many more exquisite images into my view, all accentuated by the visceral affects of the colored stage lighting. I observed inherent beauty radiating from the performers, as they were deeply absorbed into their music, engaged with their instruments and yet still catering to the crowd. One of the visual highlights occurred at the end of the show, when the violin player, Collin McGeehan stepped off the stage and threw himself onto the floor playing the violin while spinning on his back.

It was a special honor for me to document this event, as Rebecca F., is a long time friend of mine, who worked with me on an earlier project, The Silver Series.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, collaborating with other creatives is one of the most rewarding aspects of artistic endeavors, as Rebecca F. & The Memes demonstrated that January night, at Shubas in Chicago.