Silver Series

Christmas is right around the corner and  you are still looking for that special gift.  Check out the Silver Series, it is not too late to arrive just in time to find a place under  your tree.

Silver Series couples archetypal black and white nude photographs with selected poetry in modern design. It presents a series of elegant images; a depiction of the human body that comes from a traditional approach yet conveys a sense of movement that lends it a contemporary feeling.
The unique narrative structure of the Silver Series provides an opportunity to relax and escape reality in this time of unsettling economic and political news. The poems are spiritual and uplifting, touching on topics of human concerns ranging from motherhood and singular existence to relationships and freedom.
The book addresses two audiences in one, the visual connoisseur and the literarily inclined. The poetry adds ideas that connect the reader to the book. Words capture a sentiment beyond the image, they inspire and create a dialogue and make the reader want to return for more.